DNA Kits Catalogue

Porvair Sciences has produced an informative catalogue that describes its growing range of easy-to-use kits for DNA extraction, purification and size selection.

Obtaining DNA from biological samples is the first and most crucial step in molecular biology. Eluting both high quality and high yield of DNA from a wide range of biological samples can be challenging and can impact the success of downstream applications.

Comprehensive technical information is provided for each of the kits which are proven to provide high quality DNA free from contaminants, inhibitors, salts and degrading enzymes. Employing these kits – lab scientists can quickly recover high quality DNA from a myriad of source materials including stubborn, difficult-to-lyse biological samples.

Integrating Porvair’s proprietary high-performance filtration material, the kits allows researchers to effortlessly and efficiently extract, purify and size select DNA.