Houston, Texas, USA -- The new ISL VIDA™ by PAC is a fully automated density analysis meter that offers an incredibly simple and easy approach to obtaining highly reliable density measurements of many different fluids from industrial to food and beverage and pharmaceutical/medical products.  
VIDA™ is user-friendly, easy to set up and use, and fully automated, with simple one-push-button operation, so it doesn’t require a highly-trained operator; and this same automated operation ensures highly reliable results every time it’s used. 
VIDA™ is based on the proven oscillating U-tube method and integrates innovative features that ensure reliable and accurate analysis in compliance with ASTM D4052, ASTM D5002, IP 365 (ISO 12185) and DIN 51757. 
VIDA’s high level of automation, powered by embedded ‘smart’ software, allows non-assisted operation during the entire test cycle, reducing the operator’s workload and freeing them up to attend to other tasks in the meantime. Measurements are reliable, repeatable, and consistent, providing accurate analysis of a wide range of fluid types, even highly viscous. 

VIDA™ features an intuitive color touchscreen interface for easy menu navigation, test progress follow-up and offers a clear, easy to understand test configuration. VIDA™ features a unique built-in automatic bubble detection system, an innovative and robust measuring cell for high precision, an integrated ultrasonic cleaning device, and many other unique features.