Royston, UK (1st August 2011) – Syrris , the leading chemistry automation product innovator, provides the Asia 220 flow chemistry system for chemical synthesis on the mg to kg scale. The system incorporates a wide range of temperatures (-15 to +250 ºC), pressures and flow rates. Furthermore, it can be used with solid or solution phase chemistry and its high chemical compatibility enables an extremely broad range of reactions. The Asia 220 can carry out a single reaction from start to finish, providing ‘walk-away’ automation, without the need for a PC.

The Asia 220 enables users to perform automated synthesis, with ease. Users simply need to enter the reactor volume, desired temperature and pressure, collection volume and desired ratio of the reagents, then press start. The system automatically sets the flow rates, injects the correct volume of reagents, controls reaction temperature and pressure, diverts the waste and starts and stops the collection exactly when the reaction product reaches the Product Collector.

Safety features common to all Asia systems include an automatic leak check and safety shutdown in the case of over pressurization of the system.

The Asia modular flow chemistry systems
The new Asia range of flow chemistry systems are fully modular, allowing upgrades to be easily added. The Asia 220 system can be upgraded to include flow liquid-liquid extraction, multiple flow streams and reactor stages, integration to liquid crystal mass spectrometry/ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (LCMS/UHPLC) systems and full PC software control.