Forston Labs introduces a new Mini GC/Lab Navigator product specifically tuned for ethanol testing in the food and beverage industries. Forston’s Mini GC and accompanying methods have provided Ethanol testing in various wine operations and results matched those on the bottle’s labels as well as tests results from outside laboratories. This capability is now easily accessible in any workspace, as the Forston GC is the size of a shoebox and weighs less than 3 pounds. On-column, direct injection makes this unit easy to use and sample preparation is practically non-existent. With a new, heated injection port, Forston’s Mini GC quantitatively analyzes ethanol percentages in most fluids.

The Mini GC comes with the award-winning, hand-held Lab Navigator at the core of the technology used in this system. The Lab Navigator serves to control, monitor and analyze the test results from the GC. Calibration tools are also provided and may be downloaded to the Lab Navigator to simplify test results. More importantly, all the measurements are stored with specific date, time and location. All the measurements are uploaded from the Lab Navigator to the PC (into Microsoft Excel® software or any data management system), or simply left stored in the Lab Navigator for future reference. Notes can be input alongside the measurement files or an on-board microphone may be used for comments. Over thirty additional sensors are available through Forston that can be used with the Lab Navigator such as temperature, pH, etc.