Perfinity Workstation generates % CV values under 10 for affinity selection, proteolysis and serum to peptides assay

COLUMBIA, Md., August 3, 2011 — Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, in collaboration with Perfinity Biosciences, has developed the Perfinity Workstation (patent pending). Utilizing Shimadzu HPLC components in combination with Perfinity optimized columns, the Perfinity Workstation provides users with fast, highly reproducible results through standardized columns and reagents, proprietary software and an automated workflow that eliminates human error and disjointed protein sample prep processes.

Currently, researchers are unable to obtain highly reproducible data on proteomics samples, often obtaining CV values well in excess of 10 percent. In addition, samples are prone to sample loss and contamination. While automation removes bottlenecks, it is important that the automation produces quality results.

Shimadzu and Perfinity have made the quality of data imperative. As such, the performance of the Perfinity Workstation has been assessed by measuring the variation occurring at each step of the process: sample cleanup via affinity selection, digestion through immobilized trypsin and LC-MS analysis. Coefficient of variation values reported at each step and for the entire assay are less than 10 percent.

Furthermore, quality results are dependent on an understanding of binding kinetics, recovery, solubility, activity, retention and a variety of other factors. Key to the value of the Perfinity Workstation format is accounting for these factors through an integration of columns, buffers and software, enabling users to shift their focus from workflows to answers.

By exploiting new separations technology, the Perfinity Workstation offers a complete automated solution for protein sample prep and analysis. Not only does it dramatically reduce the time required to have peptides ready for LC-MS analysis (less than 10 minutes), it enables researchers to obtain consistent, high-quality results.