BOHEMIA, N.Y. – (Aug. 17, 2011) – BINDER MKFT series environmental simulation chambers are specially designed for alternating-climate profiles at temperatures between -70 °C and +180 °C. Rigorously consistent performance characteristics and rapid cooling make the MKFT particularly useful for complex standards-based climate tests.

With an innovative design that provides an interior volume of 8.1 cu/ft and includes an integrated LCD screen, the chamber is particularly user-friendly. The electronically controlled APT.line™ preheating chamber ensures temperature accuracy and reproducible results.

Without humidity, the MKFT offers a temperature range of -70 °C to +180 °C; with humidity the temperature range is10 °C to 95 °C. Relative humidity can be regulated from 10% to 98%. An electronically controlled, vapor-pressure humidification and dehumidification system with capacitive sensor provides optimal humidification of the entire interior. An integrated water reservoir makes refilling particularly easy.

Comprehensive standard equipment includes a heated viewing window with LED lighting, programmable condensation protection for samples and adjustable ramp functions using the program editor. Options including a water treatment system, data loggers, reinforced racks and a sensor for the measurement of specimen temperature are available to meet a range of requirements.