St. Joseph, Mich.—Advanced Chemistry Development Inc. (ACD/Labs) has introduced Spectrus software compatible with LECO’s new High Resolution TOFMS (HRT) instrumentation.

“With this announcement, ACD/Labs extends its industry-leading competence in analytical data management software to the forefront of technological innovation,” said Graham A. McGibbon, Ph.D., Product Manager at ACD/Labs.

LECO’s (HRT) instrumentation provides acquisition speeds of up to 200 spectra/second, mass resolution up to 100,000 FWHM, and mass accuracy less than 1 ppm. Available in LC and GC configurations, the HRT systems feature LECO’s exclusive ChromaTOF-HRT™ software for seamless data handling. Earlier this year, the HRT technology was recognized with the prestigious 2011 Pittcon Editors’ Gold Award.

“While some systems on the market offer their users a choice between acquisition speed, mass accuracy or resolution, LECO’s HRT systems offer all three with no compromise,” said Jeffrey S. Patrick, Ph.D., of LECO’s Life Science and Chemical Analysis Centre. “This supplemental processing software from ACD/Labs will help LECO to continue to provide innovative solutions for industries such as food, life sciences, environment, energy, and fuels. ACD/Spectrus Processor™ and other ACD/Labs’ expert MS software tools enhance what users can glean from high resolution data such as that from the HRTs."