Physical characterization of pharmaceutical drugs is an essential part of drug formulation to ensure efficacy, stability, and safety. This seminar will discuss numerous concerns and technologies used in the physical characterization of drug formulations, both small molecule and biomolecule. 

Our experts will help you better understand the issues and technologies used to characterize particle and size and distribution in powders, sprays and dispersions, elemental impurities in pharmaceutical powders, crystal/polymorph/amorphous form and structural purity determinations, root cause analysis of pharmaceutical powder and dispersion impurities and reverse engineering formulations.  

This is a free one-day workshop from Malvern Panalytical. So don't wait, sign up early to get your seat. Breakfast & Lunch will be provided.


October 25 2018 - October 25 2018
08:30 - 16:00
(GMT+10:00) West Pacific
United States
Green Acre Nautilus & Green Acre Campus Pointe, 10300 Campus Point Drive, San Diego, California, CA, USA, 92121
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8:30-9:00 Registration and Breakfast 
9:15 Recent advances in Powder X-Ray Diffraction (PXRD) for Pharma 
10:00 X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) – the fast and easy alternative technique for USP 232 
10:45 Break 
11:00 Resolve Analytical Challenges in Deformulation and Root Cause Analysis using Morphologically-Direct Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS) 
11:45 QA/Discussion 
12:15 Lunch 
1:00 Addressing Particle Size Formulation Challenges in Dry Powder Solids, Suspensions/Dispersions, and Spray Formulations 
1:45 Optimizing Small Molecule Candidate Screening 
2:30 QA/Discussion/Close