The MICROLAB NIMBUS is Hamilton’s compact automated pipetting workstation, offering speed, flexibility, precise tip positioning, superior pipetting performance and affordability, all in a space-efficient footprint.

Available as a 4-independent (1ml or 5ml channels) system for flexibility or a 96-multi-channel (1ml) head system for speed, both NIMBUS platforms incorporate Hamilton’s novel CO-RE (Compressed O-ring Expansion) technology, which facilitates tip and tool pick-up via a robust lock-and-key style attachment. This enables a positional precision of 0.1mm in all axes, critical for 384-well plates and applications such as MALDI target spotting which require accurate and reproducible sample placement.

CO-RE technology requires no vertical force for tip attachment or ejection, ensuring that potentially dangerous or contaminating aerosols are not produced upon tip ejection. This mechanism also allows tip pick-up from Hamilton’s proprietary nested 96 disposable tip racks (NTRs). Space-saving NTRs may be stacked up to six high (576 tips/stack) in one deck position, thus freeing up deck space for sample plates and other labware.

NIMBUS utilizes the same proven air-displacement pipetting technology as found on Hamilton’s flagship STARline of automated liquid handlers, so there is no sacrifice in pipetting performance (i.e. 2% CV at 10ul volumes).

The NIMBUS 4 and NIMBUS 96 platforms incorporate “capacitive Liquid Level Detection” (cLLD), providing real-time feedback of volumes in plates and tubes as methods are conducted.

NIMBUS 4 also allows for “pressure-based Liquid Level Detection” (pLLD), essential for non-conductive reagents and volatiles. Furthermore, air-displacement pipetting affords the use of Hamilton’s proprietary Monitored Air Displacement (MAD) technology on NIMBUS 4, which uses pressure within the channel to verify liquids have been successfully aspirated and no clots or foam have been detected. These technologies as well as Hamilton’s novel “Anti-Drip Control” (ADC) feature provide for a highly robust pipetting environment. Optional Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) software provides an even higher level of process control, recording and documenting all pipetting steps executed.

Both NIMBUS platforms feature an optional gripper, capable of moving plates and NTRs on or off the Nimbus deck. 270° rotation and extended reach allows integration with off-deck peripheral devices. NIMBUS also offers an array of on-deck integration options, including heater/shaker, vacuum station and magnetic separation devices.

A cumulative blend of enabling technology, a range of integrated options, intuitive software and the backing of Hamilton’s renowned service and applications support makes the NIMBUS an essential tool for budget and space-constrained labs.