Thermo Scientific TraceGOLD GC Metal Columns Provide Exceptional Performance in High-Throughput and High-Temperature Applications

ATLANTA (August 5th, 2011) – Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today introduced the Thermo Scientific TraceGOLD GC Metal Columns range of gas chromatography (GC) columns, setting a new benchmark in high-temperature performance. These robust, metal capillary columns are designed for higher temperature ranges than standard GC columns and can process highly active samples and analytes without incurring any damage. The new TraceGOLD™ GC Metal Columns are optimized for use in high-throughput analyses because they are resistant to the column breakdown and bleed that is often caused by repeated sample runs. Providing added flexibility for analysts with highly demanding applications, TraceGOLD GC Metal Columns deliver quality separations and excellent value.

To accommodate a wide variety of analytical protocols, TraceGOLD GC Metal Columns are available in three stationary phase formats: TG-1MT, TG-5MT and TG-WAXMT, with a range of column lengths, internal diameters and film thicknesses. GC is a common technique used in the analysis of volatile and semi volatile compounds, and TraceGOLD GC Metal Columns are optimized to enhance analytical workflows, particularly for petrochemical, environmental, forensic science and food safety applications in which high sample volume or activity are common.

Highly demanding workflows impose stresses on standard GC capillary columns, causing column bleed that leads to high background readings, peak spreading and tailing. The range of TraceGOLD GC Metal Columns withstands common stresses and prevents the column breakdown or column bleed that ultimately compromise the quality of separations.