New device mitigates spectral performance issues related to temperature variation

Dunedin, FL (September 8, 2011) – To maintain thermal stability of spectrometers operating in variable environments, Ocean Optics has released the USB-TC small-footprint heating device. Compatible with the company’s USB2000+ and USB4000 miniature spectrometers, the unit attaches directly to the spectrometer and maintains wavelength thermal stability to within +/-0.025 pixels/ ºC. This temperature control ensures accuracy in industrial and other settings where temperature variations can affect spectral performance.

The USB-TC is available with pre-selected setpoint temperatures between 25-55ºC and comes with a 12 VDC, 3A power supply. With constant ambient temperature, the USB-TC stabilizes to within 0.1ºC of the final temperature within 30 minutes of power-up. The system will operate in temperatures ranging from 5-40ºC below the setpoint temperature.

The USB2000+ and USB4000 are among the most popular miniature spectrometers in the world. Their small-footprint, high-speed CCD-array design is ideal for a wide range of applications. Modular optical bench accessories (entrance apertures, order sorting filters and more) make it possible to configure the USB2000+ and USB4000 for hundreds of different applications.

The USB-TC is available with new spectrometer purchases or as a retrofit option for existing owners of USB2000+ and USB4000 spectrometers.