Rockland, MA. (September 14, 2011) - The WSKM Incubation System from Prior Scientific provides a compact, long term stable environment for live cell imaging. Specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Prior ProScan H117 flat top stages, the WSKM system positions the sample in the proper focus position to provide maximum microscope functionality. The WSKM chamber unit is set up to handle various types of microtiter/well plates from six wells up to 96 wells. Other applicable dishes including 35mm, 50mm and 60mm petri dishes, chamber slides, and chambered cover glass can be used by purchasing adapter inserts.

The WSKM incubation system comes in several variations. The base controller included with the WP1154 INUBTFP-WSKM incubation system provides for control of temperature only. The WP1155 INUBTFPWSKM- F1 incubation system includes control for temperature and pre-mixed gas providing a constant temperature and CO2 enriched environment extending the life of the growth medium during prolonged experiments. If Hypoxic studies are required, the WP1156 INUBTFP-WSKM-GM2000A incubation system allows for the use of 100% CO2. By heating from the top and not the bottom of the well plate the WSKM allows the researcher closer access to the bottom of the well plate enabling the use of higher NA, shorter working distance objectives. Focus stability is maintained with the objective warmer that is included with every system. Real time sample temperature feedback maintains stable temperature throughout the experiment. Feedback sensors supplied can be autoclaved between experiments.