Norcross, GA – November 26, 2018 - Micromeritics Instrument Corporation underscored its position as a leading global manufacturer of premium products for advanced material characterization, when company scientists recently spanned three continents and multiple cities presenting some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. 

Micromeritics Technical Director, Dr. Jeffrey Kenvin presented the keynote lecture at the Iberoamerican Adsorption Symposium and Iberian Adsorption meeting in Gijón, Spain. Dr. Kenvin’s presentation focused on using chemical adsorption for the characterization of catalytic materials.

Dr. Kenvin also delivered a plenary talk at the 7th International Workshop on Layered Materials in Krakow, Poland. The advances in characterization using adsorption and the corresponding increase in the understanding of these new materials were highlighted in his plenary talk.

Micromeritics Senior Scientist, Dr. Jacek Jagiello, also lectured at the Gijón, Spain Symposium and presented his research on using oxygen adsorption to improve the quality and reduce the time required to characterize nanoporous carbons. He spoke on the same topic at the Tenth International Symposium Effects of Surface Heterogeneity in Adsorption, Catalysis and Related Phenomena in Lublin, Poland. Dr. Jagiello was also the keynote speaker at the World Conference on Carbon in Madrid, Spain.

In Coimbra, Portugal Micromeritics Senior Application Scientist, Dr. Simon Yunes, presented the PID Eng & Tech Effi microreactor to attendees at the 26th Iberoamerican Catalysis Congress. The Effi is a fully automated system for evaluating the performance of catalytic materials in typical applications. In Delhi and Bangalore, India, Dr. Yunes delivered two lectures entitled “Gas Adsorption Techniques for the Characterization of Catalysts.”

Micromeritics Director of Technical Information, Tony Thornton, participated in the ISO Technical Committee 24, Subcommittee 4, Particle Characterization in Shanghai, China, as well as the ASTM Committees E29 on Particle and Spray Characterization and B09 on Metal Powders and Metal Powder Products.  In addition, he attended the ASTM Committees E56 and Nanotechnology and D20 on plastics both in Washington, D.C.