Peak Scientific launches first dedicated nitrogen & air generator for Perkin Elmer instruments

Peak Scientific, the global leader in gas generation for analytical laboratories, has today introduced a new nitrogen and dry air gas generator to the market, Genius 1025.


Specifically designed for Perkin Elmer’s QSight Triple Quad 110 and 210 LC-MS/MS systems, this dual gas generator can supply 15L/min of nitrogen at up to 80psi and 35L/min of dry air at up to 110 psi, to meet the requirements of these instruments.


A self-contained solution with integrated compressors, Genius 1025 has no requirement for an external air supply. This compact generator, which can easily fit under most standard lab benches, utilizes membrane technology to ensure high performance and a continuous supply of analytical instrument grade nitrogen, and air, at the push of a button.


Genius 1025 is a highly economical source of nitrogen and dry air with low lifetime running costs and a fully comprehensive 12-month warranty as standard.


Petra Gierga, Product Manager at Peak Scientific, commented:


‘Genius 1025 is not only a reliable technology solution for labs which require a compact nitrogen and air gas supply for their LC-MS/MS, it is also the best value nitrogen and dry air generator available to supply Perkin Elmer’s QSight Triple Quad 110 and 210 LC-MS/MS systems. Designed with integrated compressors, the Genius 1025  is a standalone ‘plug & play’ generator which takes up minimal valuable lab space.’


The Genius 1025 comes backed by Peak Protected global on-premise servicing and technical support and is available to order now.