Union Process, Inc., known globally as a manufacturer of particle size reduction and dispersing equipment, as well as a supplier of grinding media and materials characterization services for a broad range of research and industrial applications, has built a new Attritor S-10/15 for its in-house pilot plant.

Chuck Major, sales manager with the company, noted, "This versatile design provides us with an opportunity to quickly and easily switch between S-10 Attritor and S-15 Attritor tank assemblies. Additionally, the S-10/15 Attritor can be configured for wet, dry, inert atmosphere or cryogenic milling. This new Attritor will provide improved flexibility to our pilot plant." 

The Attritor features a unique frame that accommodates both sized tanks. The tanks are constructed of stainless steel. The mill has an explosion-proof motor and uses a remotely mounted variable frequency (inverter) drive. On the Attritor, there are stop/start push buttons with a potentiometer for controlling the speed.

"Anytime we can add more versatility to our pilot plant and also increase our overall capacity, we're improving our ability to service our customers," commented Mr. Major.