Owners of Older Hardness Testers Can Upgrade to Buehler’s Software Solution


Lake Bluff, IL…  Buehler, an ITW company has announced that the DiaMet hardness software upgrade is now available for legacy Wilson testers. The DiaMet Hardness Software is a proven platform in hardness testing. DiaMet can integrate and transform legacy testers to improve quality management using software’s database; measurement results are automatically saved, and test reports are easily generated. With the use of a digital imaging, testing is simplified and ergonomically improved for the operators, since filar eyepiece measurement is no longer required.  More importantly, Diamet Software measurement process provides more consistent test results between multiple operators.


A DiaMet upgrade package includes a USB3.0 digital camera, camera cable and workstation. By upgrading to DiaMet software, users will now be able improve work efficiency and reduce or eliminate manual data entries. The test program or test job may be categorized in Folders; filtering feature allows easy recalling of test program / test job; all of which, bring to ease to any internal or external auditing process. Diamet software will take your organization closer toward Industry 4.0.


The DiaMet upgrade is available for the following testers:

  • Wilson Tukon 1102/1202*

  • Wilson 402 MVD/SVD

  • Wilson 432/452 MVD/SVD

  • Buehler MicroMet 5100 series

  • Buehler MicroMet 6000 series*


*  may be upgradable to semi-auto or fully automated system.