New Wilson Universal Hardness Tester by Buehler

Equipped with DiaMet Software, Ideal for Large Samples


Buehler is excited to announce their latest addition to the world renowned Wilson hardness testing range, the new UH4000 Series Universal Hardness Tester.  This tester comes in two key configurations:   UH4250   Hardness Scale 0.5-250 kgf and UH4750  Hardness Scale 3-750 kgf .


The Wilson UH4000 series is a very robust universal hardness tester, that tests Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop and Brinell hardness scales within the selected tester load range.  Its sturdy design will withstand the toughest of production laboratories. The tester has a steel casting frame to ensure durability in production and workshop environments. The hardness test process is controlled by the industry leading DiaMet software, the most intuitive hardness control software on the market to make testing easy, repeatable and automatic. With this software integration, it is an ideal tester in QC and Process Control applications, whether it tests large or small manufactured components in the lab or directly on the production floor.


The testers feature a closed loop loading cycle for best accuracy, faster testing cycles and a new eight position turret to hold desired combination of indenters and objectives.  It has a large 300 mm x 400 mm T-slot stage with high weight capacity, enabling the testing of heavy and large parts nondestructively. An optional clamping tool is available to ensure stability during the test process; both manual and automatic stage movement options are also available.  Other features include:

  • Small parts can be handled with precision by using the anvil adapter/extension and the 80mm flat anvil, or other anvils with a 25mm diameter anvil pin

  • The clamping device can be activated and deactivated by the software, depending on the need.

  • The ring light for accuracy in Brinell measurements improves the overall repeatability of soft Brinell indents

  • The motorized vertical stage movement is automatic or can be moved with a safety clutched mechanical handle.

  • The red target laser cross helps position test locations and indents for big parts.

  • The workspace illumination ensures full visibility for test piece placement underneath the turret.

  • Automate Rockwell “fast mode” by using the clamping device on sample


The UH4000 Series is designed for rugged environments and suits testing in the automotive industry, metals production and large components like:  Castings and forgings, flat or cylindrical work pieces, steels, heat treated materials, cemented carbides, ceramics and plastics and carbon testing.