Particulate Systems, a division of Micromeritics Instruments, today announced the addition of three new instrument solutions for the laboratory expanding the range of its product portfolio in the application areas of Porometry, Formulation Stability, and Particle Shape Analysis.

The New POROLUX Porometers demonstrate technical leadership and performance quality in the science of capillary flow porometry. Gas-Liquid Porometry, also known as Capillary Flow Porometry (CFP), measures pore size and pore size distribution of through pores in materials. The technique is based on the displacement of an inactive and nontoxic wetting liquid embedded in a porous network by applying an inert pressurized gas. 

Drugs formulated as solutions possess chemical and physical stability challenges in addition to solubility restrictions. Stability testing ensures product quality, safety and efficacy throughout the development cycle as well as qualifying the resultant product’s shelf life.

To address this need, the addition of the TURBISCAN by Formulaction provides a true and reproducible analytical process to determine destabilization phenomenon as compared to manual visual inspection that is prone to user technique variability and interpretation. The TURBISCAN instrument features a non-destructive, analytical approach based on multiple light scattering. The technique is fast and accelerates results up to 200 times over current methods. It can accommodate samples with concentrations of up to 95% v/v without dilution and in native states.

Also announced today is the next generation of the Particle Insight, the new SENTINEL, particle shape analyzer. The SENTINEL improves the resolution and utility of the replaced Particle Insight by a magnitude of performance. Improved optics, simplification of the software interface, improved data acquisition and interpretation and GLP compliance certification provide a strong and powerful approach for analytical determination of particle shape to be fully integrated into the user’s particle-sizing workflow operations. This new product is scheduled for release May 1, 2019.

“We have a clear and focused strategy for continual expansion of available technologies to better meet the needs and the challenges our customers face at the lab bench in the field of material characterization,” said Justin Hardwick, product engineer at Particulate Systems.  “These new additions to our product portfolio are a result of that commitment and focus and is only the beginning of a concentrated effort on behalf of Particulate Systems this year to seek out and incorporate these innovative technologies that will increase productivity, save time and expand analytical knowledge in the laboratory.”

These new products join the recently announced Ultra and Pro Zetasizer Dynamic Light Scattering, particle sizing products available through Micromeritics-Particulate Systems and Malvern Panalytical’s collaborative sale partnership. Combining over 55+ years of Micromeritics application knowledge and experience in catalysis, polymer, and advance materials characterization with the power and resolution improvement of the Ultra and Pro Zetasizer systems, delivers unique and unmatched value to every user who need the critical information particle sizing provides.