In the fourth webinar of our Masterclass series, we will discuss how to achieve successful method transfer in three steps.

In many cases, the method transfer is straightforward and minimal work is required. But in regulated environments, for samples with more complex size distributions, or samples that are difficult to disperse, more work may be needed. Following the recommended process optimises the experiment matrix and maximises the likelihood of a sucessful method transfer.


May 30 2019 - May 30 2019
10:30 - 11:30
(GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada]
Event type:
Webinar - Live
Laser Diffraction


Sarennah Longworth-Cook - Product Technical Specialist

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Who should attend?

Anyone who has recently upgraded to Mastersizer 3000 and has methods to transfer

Anyone with responsibility for method transfer involving Mastersizer 3000

Anyone deploying Mastersizer 3000 methods across multiple sites


Why attend?

To find out how to transfer your method from a legacy platform to Mastersizer 3000

To learn about the method transfer process recommended by Malvern Panalytical

To find out how to judge if a method transfer has been successful