In its ongoing efforts to add the most advanced analytical equipment, Particle Testing Authority (PTA), a division of Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, today announced it has aquired Formulaction's Turbiscan TOWER to help solve dispersion stability issues.

Turbiscan TOWER is the new flagship product of the Turbiscan range for full characterization of the colloidal stability of concentrated dispersions (emulsions, suspensions, foams). Six independent measurement positions allow simultaneous comparison of formulations for faster and better understanding of destabilization mechanisms (creaming, sedimentation, flocculation, coalescence). Measurements can be performed from 4 to 80°C to accelerate destabilization process or to reproduce storage conditions. An improved mechanical design and vertical set-up offer improved performance and smaller bench footprint.

“For many years as Micromeritics Analytical Services, we have been known as the “gold standard” for surface area and pore size testing,” said Greg Thiele, General Manager of PTA. “Over time we have expanded our capabilities and expertise in characterizing powders whether they are dry or dispersed in a liquid, so the Turbiscan is a natural addition because of its ability to measure stability of the dispersions.”

Thiele added, “many of our customers who choose us for particle size distribution and zeta potential measurements use this information to assess the stability of their particles in a colloidal system.  With the Turbiscan, we can now give them a comprehensive understanding of how their suspension will behave by measuring the migration of the particles so that the rates of phenomena such as sedimentation or agglomeration can be determined within minutes.  With this analysis, even the shelf life can be accurately predicted.”

Thiele said with the Turbiscan PTA now has the capabilities to:

-      Show how particle size and zeta potential fit into bigger picture

-      Provide data on how dispersion destabilize

-      Quantify dispersibility

-      Quickly qualify if redispersion can be achieved effectively

-      Determine within three days what would normally take 4 to 10 weeks

-      Measure emulsions as-is without any dilution or disturbance

PTA recently added a DVS Resolution from Surface Measurement Systems to complement its DVS Advantage and DVS Intrinsic.