Automation, on-line, mobile and laboratory solutions for mining research, exploration, processing and manufacturing

Malvern Panalytical is proud to organize a tailored programme on the latest in automation, on-line, mobile and laboratory analytical solutions. This programme serves to gather all professionals from the mining, metals and minerals field. Malvern Panalytical’s application specialists will be flying in from our supply center in the Netherlands as well as from the region to present at this workshop. Alongside esteemed guest speakers from the research industry, they will share how to achieve better ROI, quality control and efficiency by improving the way they analyse samples.

During this workshop, you will learn more about:
1. The holistic range (including latest advancements in the market) of analytical solutions that you can engage at each stage of the mining process: from exploration, grade control, processing, manufacturing, research, supply and more
2. Learn how to achieve good data and how to interpret the data
3. Get tips on applying the data to solve your problems and improve your supply chain
4. Stay up to date with what other companies in Europe and the Americas are engaging to improve their efficiency and ROI


July 25 2019 - July 25 2019
09:00 - 16:45
(GMT+08:00) AUS Western
Malvern Panalytical Perth Applications Lab, 2/30 Canvale Road, Canningvale, Perth, Western Australia, WA(AUS), Australia, 6155
Event type:


09:00AM Overview and what's in it for my mine or mining production 
09:45AM Online analysis and automation (Mining Process Pit to Port) 
10:30AM Tea break 
11:00AM Particle Size (Sampling,Grinding,Milling,Beneficiation) 
11:30AM Demo (rotate after every 20mins) 
- Group 1 (Seminar room): XRF 
- Group 2 (Meeting room): Particle size 
- Group 3 (Lab): XRD and fusion sample preparation 
12:30PM Tea break 
01:30PM Mineralogy XRD (For grade control and processing monitoring) 
02:00PM Mining Mineralogy: guest presentation 
02:30PM Near infra-red for mining exploration 
03:00PM Near infra-red applications: guest presentation  
03:30PM Tea break 
04:00PM Demo continues (rotate after every 20mins) 
- Group 1 (Seminar room): XRF & NIR  
- Group 2 (Meeting room): Particle size 
- Group 3 (Lab): XRD and fusion sample preparation 
04:45PM End


About Dr König 
Dr König is the global mining, minerals and metals sector manager at Malvern Panalytical. He is based in Malvern Panalytical’s supply center in the Netherlands. Since joining the company in 2005, he has been responsible for helping mining, minerals and metals related research and industrial companies in sharing knowledge through on-site visits, international conferences and local workshops. His specialty is in the development of new analytical solutions for exploration, process monitoring and optimization in the mining and metals industries. These include mobile, laboratory-based and online monitoring solutions. Dr König studied geology and applied mineralogy at Martin-Luther-University Halle (Germany) and the UFPA (Universidade Federal do Para) Belem (Brazil). In 2006, he reached his PhD in the field of applied mineralogy. 

About Hari Bhaskar 
Hari is in charge of applications and automation solutions. He is currently based in Australia managing the Application business for Australia and provides product support for the countries in Asia Pacific region. He has worked with customers from various segments including cement, mining, metals, pharmaceuticals, academia, oil and petrol chemicals, service labs and more, providing advice on Malvern Panalytical’s fusion sample preparation, XRF, XRD, CNA solutions for their applications. Hari has sound product knowledge and extensive experience in method development using our X-ray instruments for a wide range of application areas. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and has been working with the company for the last 20 years in various capacities - Service, Sales, Application and Product Support.

Dr Will Lawler 
Will is an Application Specialist at ATA Scientific, local analytical instrument provider for Australia and New Zealand, which for over 28 years has supported a range of advanced technologies for particle characterisation. With broad industry knowledge and technical and applications expertise, Will delivers assistance to customers through sales, applications support and user training. He offers expert advice in the use of many Malvern Panalytical technologies such as Laser Diffraction (for particle sizing) and Morphologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy or MDRS (for particle shape analysis). He has helped users in a wide range of industries including mining, cement and oil. Will previously working in the water treatment industry as a process engineer and in 2014 he received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from The University of New South Wales with a focus on online process optimisation and material science.