The FRITSCH Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9 offers many practical advantages in all areas in which hard, brittle and fibrous material must be ground extremely quick down to analytical fineness. She is indispensable for fast sample preparation, for example in spectroscopy preparation, ore and geology laboratories, mining and metallurgy, ceramics industry, agriculture and environment, infrared and X-ray fluorescence analysis.
The PULVERISETTE 9 is very powerful, especially quiet, simple to operate, quick to clean and has a well-conceived drive concept and the grinding set is safe and easy to tension.
For perfect, loss-free grinding results in extremely short grinding time!
Your advantages with the Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9
  • High power with well-conceived drive concept
  • Extra-fast grinding with up to 1500 rpm
  • Grinding sets in 5 different materials and 3 different sizes from 50 ml to 250 ml volume are available – for each application the suitable one
  • Especially safe hood locking
  • Complete soundproof lining
Easy working
No similar mill offers a more convenient operation: The working position is ergonomically optimised; the ease of cleaning is without match. The grinding sets are especially light and are equipped with
heat insulated handles, and do not have to be placed directly on the vibrating plate in the centre of the mill. The grinding set is simplyplaced on the guide rail, an anti-rotation lock enables easy movement to the final position and the safety switch checks the firm position. This protects your back and saves energy and time. The grinding set is tensioned in seconds using a well-thought out one-hand lever.
Simply clever!
Especially well-arranged and intelligent
The setting of the grinding time precisely the second, the pause periods and rotational speed as well as the programming and storage of grinding cycles is done via the self-explanatory multilingual menu
navigation on the LCD display. A special detector automatically recognizes when you use a grinding set made of agate and reduces the rotational speed independently.
NEW: Pellet Press
The manually-operated hydraulic FRITSCH Pellet Press, the ground samples can be fast and easy prepared as pellets with a smooth and homogeneous surface for spectral analyses such as X-ray fluorescence analysis or infrared spectroscopy for elementary analysis.