All-in-One Wilson VH3100 Fully Automated Hardness Tester Presented at HärtereiKongress
All-in-One Wilson VH3100 Fully Automated Hardness Tester Presented at HärtereiKongress
Popular Vickers Micro-Hardness Tester Now Comes Complete
Buehler, ITW Test & Measurement GmbH showcased the All-in-One VH3100 hardness tester at the HärtereiKongress, the largest expo for the heat treatment industry in Europe. 
The fully automatic preconfigured VH3100 Vickers/Knoop hardness test system is capable of meeting
virtually any requirement in the area of automated micro to macro hardness testing. Buehler is also
excited to announce that the All-in-One Wilson VH3100 is available for shipping in industry leading lead times and can be delivered quickly in two to four weeks.
According to Matthias Pascher, Hardness Product Manager at Buehler, “Buehler developed the Wilson
VH3100 All-in-One hardness tester after seeing that customers wanted a pre-packaged Vickers hardness tester with software. The All-in-One is ideal for production control hardness testing and is easily operated; it includes the advanced DiaMet Enterprise hardness testing software. Many customers at the HärtereiKongress were excited to be able to order the complete unit at once.”
The DiaMet Enterprise software offers mapping, edge detection, scanning, stitching of overview image, CHD calculations, statistics, weld testing, geometric measurement functions, exporting all common file types and barcode scanner interface. It also includes a high performance personal computer with a 24” full HD touch monitor.
This VH3100 Vickers hardness test system features a 3-position virtual turret with one Vickers indenter
and two measurement objectives, an automated X/Y sample stage (110 mm x 140 mm travel range), a
bright field overview camera for sample navigation and scanning and a powerful image analysis. A
purpose-designed collision protection system helps to avoid accidental damage to the indenters and
objectives due to operator errors. The VH3100 hardness testing system provides the ultimate high
capacity testing platform capable of performing 150 make and measure indents an hour (with 10 seconds dwell time) using the fully automated test program.
The VH3100 with its extensive variety of scales and magnifications excels through maximum flexibility for automated hardness testing to ASTM and ISO no matter whether a quality control production
environment or in a test laboratory. It is ideal for more advanced heat treatment processes like the
aerospace, automotive, energy, construction and transportation industries that require hardness testing systems to be durable while maintaining precise control during critical test data generation.
The Wilson VH3100 All-in-One is preconfigured with macro and micro ranges, closed loop load cell force control and precision optical measurement system. Other features include:
  • Load range: 0.05-10kgf
  • ISO and ASTM certified Vickers indenter
  • 10x and 50x long working distance objective for measurements and navigation
  • Motorized Stage 180x180mm stage (travel 110x140mm)
  • 5 MP bright field overview camera for sample navigation, scanning etc.
Optional vises, clamps, sample holders, ISO certified hardness test blocks and other accessories are not included in the All-in-One and will need to be ordered separately. For additional information visit: