Decreasing ore grades and the need for more efficiency is leading mining companies to adapt to on-line monitoring of material streams in the mine and while ore processing.

Real-time information on the composition and quality of ores, concentrates, tailings, liquors and wastewater is necessary to avoid system downtime. 

The webinar will demonstrate the value of on-line monitoring of particle size, elemental and mineralogical composition and moisture, either directly in the mine or close to process equipment.

Early and accurate ore blending and sorting saves organizations time and money. It ensures a homogeneous output towards the beneficiation plant and avoids the processing of low-grade ore that leads to waste. 


Measurement type:
Moisture content
Elemental analysis
Particle size
June 11 2020 - June 11 2020
10:30 - 11:30
(GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada]
Event type:
Webinar - Live


Jeffrey Kemmerer - Global Product Manager CNA

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  •  Who should attend?

- Professionals working for mining, minerals and metals companies, mine and plant managers, QC managers and engineers, application and method developers, researchers, professors and technical associations searching for knowledge and new analysis solutions.


  • What will you learn?

- You will learn of the newest available on-line characterization techniques for the mining and metals industries, along with an expert overview of how these techniques can save your organization time and money.