Applications using nanoparticle tracking analysis

Over the past decades, an emerging number of nanomedicines was applied in cancer therapy. Following intravenous administration highly advanced therapeutics such as liposomes and polymeric nanoparticles change the distribution of compounds in the human body and lead to a significant reduction of the side effects of cytostatic drugs.

Pharmacokinetic analysis plays a key role in evaluating the performance of formulations. However, the traditional non-compartmental and compartmental modelling approaches often do not enable the in vivo behavior of nanomedicines to be correlated to the physicochemical and in vitro characteristics.

This talk is delivered by Dr Matthias Wacker, who is an Associate Professor with the National University of Singapore’s Pharmacy department. He provides an outline of the latest methodologies in analyzing the pharmacokinetics of nanocarrier formulations with a clear perspective towards in vitro-in vivo correlations. Dr Wacker is joined by Malvern Panalytical’s nanomatrics application specialist, Dr Anand Tadas. Together, they will open a dialogue about the opportunities in analyzing and re-analyzing the in vivo data. And importantly, how to gain a deeper insight into the applications using nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA).


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July 14 2020 - July 14 2020
11:30 - 12:30
India Time [Asia]
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Webinar - Live
NanoSight range


Who should attend ?
- Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in nanomedicine
- R and D Scientists working in the fields of synthesis and formulation of nanomaterials, dispersions and applications of nano-materials in bio-pharma, vaccine research , pharmaceutical development etc.
- Anyone interested to leverage on nanoparticle tracking analysis for their work


Dr. Matthias G. Wacker, Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore

Initially, he studied Pharmacy at Goethe University in Frankfurt where he obtained his doctoral degree in pharmaceutical technology. As a post-doc and group leader he has joined Jennifer Dressman and Jörg Kreuter in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Goethe University. There, he also finished his habilitation in the area of nanocarrier-based drug delivery and received the venia legendi for pharmaceutical technology. Prior to joining NUS, he was heading the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Nanosciences of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd Geisslinger. His research on the design and characterization of nanocarrier systems was honored with the Eudragit® Best Paper Award in 2014 and the Phoenix Pharmaceutics Science Award in 2017. He has published and lectured extensively and organized symposia on various aspects of nanotechnology. Further, he is a known expert for nanomaterial regulations and drug release testing with focus on nanocarrier systems.

Dr Anand Tadas , Regional Technical Specialist at Malvern Panalytical

Dr Tadas heen associated with Malven Panalytical for more than 10 years. He specializes in the Nanometrics product ranges. Anand received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (colloidal science) from Mumbai India. He is a holder of 3 patents on inert metal processing which are licensed. He has also guided 4 students for their Masters (M.Tech) programmes. At present, Dr Tadas is focusing on using the orthogonal characterization of materials particularly in the delivery applications across different sectors.


Why should I attend? What will I learn?

1. latest methodologies in analyzing the pharmacokinetics of nanocarrier formulations
2. get a clear perspective towards in vitro-in vivo correlations
3. opportunities in analyzing and re-analyzing the in-vivo data
4. gain a deeper insight into the applications using nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) with the NanoSight instrument

How long is this webinar?
45 minutes is the intended speaker time with additional time for addressing queries.

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