Up to 4x Faster Analysis While Maintaining Full ASTM Compliance

CAMBRIDGE, UK (September 27, 2011) – Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced the launch of a new Total Nitrogen and Total Sulfur (TN/TS) analyzer, which features an innovative direct injection design providing the capacity to analyze both heavy and light hydrocarbons without changing introduction modules. As a result of the versatility, precision and accuracy offered by the Thermo Scientific iPRO 5000 series analyzer, scientists in petrochemical and commercial testing laboratories, oil refineries, R&D centers and chemical plants, will benefit from significant time savings and productivity advantages, in addition to total ASTM compliance.

The iPRO 5000™ series TN/TS analyzer features the proprietary Thermo Scientific jetPRO direct spray injector, which enables automatic analysis from ppb levels up to percent levels for both nitrogen and sulfur on just one instrument and without changing introduction modules. As a result, it is now possible to quantify nitrogen and sulfur in heavy hydrocarbons within just three minutes. Compared to the standard boat method, this is a dramatic reduction in the time spent from analysis to viewing results, which provides an immediate cost-saving and productivity increase. Offering exceptional precision of two percent or better when analyzing light hydrocarbons at ultra-low concentrations, the analyzer ensures high accuracy, as well as reproducibility and repeatability of analysis. Providing meticulously controlled combustion processes, the analyzer also contains a proprietary pre-soot detection technology which ensures complete combustion that is soot-free. The iPRO 5000 series analyzer is also the smallest and most compact total nitrogen and total sulfur analyzer currently available.

Developed for a wide range of applications, the iPRO 5000 series analyzer offers an ideal solution for the diverse requirements of petrochemical analyses. The instrument provides the capacity to analyze virtually any refinery sample from raw crude to end product, while ensuring ASTM compliance and enabling optimization of refinery processes. For commercial testing laboratories requiring ASTM compliant results quickly and cost-effectively over a wide range of applications, the iPRO 5000 series analyzer is four times faster than previous methods which enables a significant increase in productivity and cost-efficiency. In addition, the instrument’s exceptional precision makes it the ideal choice for high performance applications such as those conducted by research and development centers.

The iPRO 5000 series analyzer is controlled by Thermo Scientific NSX Visual software, which supports Microsoft Windows 7™ and has been developed to adapt to the specific workflows of users who require ease–of-use and flexibility. The NSX Visual software assures total ASTM compliance through pre-loaded ASTM method templates, which enable the user to simply select the required method and start the analysis. The software is also programmed to proactively alert the user if method parameters are changed to a value which is outside the scope of the official ASTM methods.