KNF Launches a Series of Four New Vacuum/Compressor Pumps  for Industrial Applications
KNF’s new N 630 diaphragm vacuum/compressor pump series delivers high pressure and gas tightness with a durable, long-life design. Four versions are available for use in industrial coolant systems, gas recycling, gas and emissions measurement/analysis, and leak detection across a wide variety of industries, from chemical processing and energy to physics research.
With a long service life, vacuum down to 0.74 inHg (25 mbar abs), positive pressure up to 174 psig
(12 bar rel), and a flow rate up to 2.4 CFM (68 L/min), the N 630 series offers impressive, highly
versatile performance. The cost-efficient and reliable diaphragm gas pumps are available in four
variants: either one- or two-headed and connected in series or parallel, as a vacuum pump, or as a
compressor. All models come with long-lasting EPDM or chemically resistant PTFE-coated diaphragms for exceptional durability and service life. The N 630 series handles ambient and media temperatures down to 41 °F (5 °C), and head water cooling systems make them suitable for use at ambient and media temperatures up to 140 °F (60 °C).
All N 630 pumps are equipped with IP55-rated motors designed to be operated via a variable frequency drive which allows their rotational speed/performance to be set. The transfer rate is stable throughout the pressure range, enabling rapid gas compression inside containers.
The standard-model pumps are designed with a permanently attached base. This, in combination with
the rubber-bonded metal shock absorbers, provides outstanding isolation from vibration and minimizes
noise during operation. The N 630 series fulfills the criteria for completed machinery pursuant to
machinery directive 2006/42/EC and therefore comes with the CE marking.
The N 630 series delivers all the advantages of diaphragm technology: no seals to wear out, no oil to
maintain or dispose of, and no contamination issues from either. An optional secondary diaphragm
protects against gas leaks to the atmosphere in case of a primary diaphragm failure. An optional gas
tightness upgrade is also available to further ensure gas retention and to guard against air intrusion
The N 630 pump series is particularly well-suited for applications in helium cooling, valuable gas
recovery/recycling, measurement and transfer of explosive gases, and pressure boosting for biogas/natural gas engines. Other applications include emissions measurement and flue gas analysis,
LNG QC, and gas leak detection.