Fully Automated and Controlled Catalyst Screening Units for the Laboratory

Configurable activity and selectivity testing in a small footprint

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., the world’s leading supplier of high-performance material characterization technologies, helps scientists in catalyst development and screening save time and resources with its Micromeritics Flow Reactor series. The highly advanced modular laboratory screening models Micromeritics FR-50, FR-100, and FR-200 accommodate a wide variety of reactions including but not limited to hydrocracking, hydrotreating, isomerization, hydrogenation, hydrodesulphurization (HDS), oxidation, hydrodenitrogenation (HDN), reforming (aromatization), GTL (Fischer-Tropsch), and steam reforming. These benchtop reactors are also ideal for research studies on topics such as biofuels, methane activation, and sustainable reactions and bring commercially relevant conditions for catalyst research into the lab.

The FR series compact design saves expensive lab space and can be optionally installed within a fume hood. Highly accurate and reliable reaction studies are ensured by embedded temperature and pressure control sensors along with automated routines that easily customized for a variety of application. “We built a powerful, safe, and flexible platform for bench-scale reactors, so our customers don’t have to build it by themselves, and they can focus on their research. Each is built with the future in mind and include options to interface with LC, GC, FTIR systems; and expansion options for additional gas and liquid feeds, or a Liquid Liquid Gas (LLG) separator.”, said Terry Kelly, President and CEO of Micromeritics.

The Micromeritics FR series features three models:

  • Micromeritics Flow Reactor FR-50: Compact automated catalyst testing unit
  • Micromeritics Flow Reactor FR-100: Advanced modular and automated laboratory system for measuring catalytic activity and selectivity
  • Micromeritics Flow Reactor FR-200: Dual-reactor system that may be configured to perform reaction studies in series or parallel

Micromeritics has extensive experience of building bespoke catalyst screening units for industrial and academic customers, from tailored analytical units through to complete pilot plants.

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