Milford, Mass. – September 29, 2011 – Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT) today
introduced TruView™ LCMS Certified Vials, a new line of low-adsorption
sample vials certified for LC/MS/MS analyses where analyte concentrations
are on the order of ng/mL or pg/mL and where analytical sensitivity and
accuracy are critical.

"As LC/MS/MS technology evolves and levels of detection approach or exceed
the part-per-trillion range, our customers are demanding low adsorption
vials that won’t compromise their results,” said Mike Yelle, Senior
Director, Chemistry Commercial Operations, Waters Division. “Our TruView
glass vials are manufactured and certified to perform better than any
commercially available glass autosampler vial.”

TruView vials are manufactured under tight controls using a proprietary
process that limits the concentration of free ions on the surface of the
glass dramatically lowering analyte adsorption.  Normally during the
manufacture of glass vials, free ions are deposited on the surface. Problems
occur when the ions are freed from the surface and enter the sample raising
the pH and exposing ion exchange sites on the glass to sample analytes that
can bind to the glass. The longer a vial awaits aspiration and injection of
its contents, the greater the analyte adsorption.

Waters TruView LCMS Certified Vials are now available from Waters worldwide.