Skaneateles Falls, NY, USA, October 4, 2011— Welch Allyn, a leading global provider of frontline medical products and solutions, today announced it has successfully completed the acquisition of TRIMLINE Medical Products Corporation, formerly a manufacturer of a full range of blood pressure cuffs, aneroid gauges and stethoscopes. Welch Allyn has fully integrated all blood pressure cuff manufacturing operations into its Skaneateles Falls, NY, and Tijuana, Mexico, facilities, giving the company a unique opportunity to better serve its customers by offering them the full spectrum of blood pressure management products—from mechanical gauges, to electronic devices, to disposable and reusable blood pressure cuffs.

“This acquisition was key to our long-term strategic direction of increasing customer focus and providing our customers with a full range of solutions for their blood pressure needs,” said Sean Karla, global category manager for Blood Pressure Products at Welch Allyn. “Thanks to the success of this acquisition, we can now offer our customers every type, size and technology of reusable and disposable cuffs. In addition, establishing operations in New York and Mexico gives us a balance of east and west coast distribution to ensure consistent supply to hospitals across the country and around the world.”

Welch Allyn has been in the business of developing, manufacturing and selling blood pressure products since 1986, when it purchased the Tycos blood pressure division, then owned by Sybron Corp., which included a full line of manual blood pressure gauges and stethoscopes, including the Tycos Classic Hand Aneroid. At the time, the Tycos sphygmomanometer stood as the preferred instrument of care for its accurate and reliable blood pressure readings, and the design was an industry standard until the advent of Welch Allyn DuraShock™ technology in 2001.

Welch Allyn DuraShock technology utilizes a gear-free movement that can withstand dropping or rough handling.  This advancement in mechanical blood pressure technology improved the durability and lowered the lifetime cost of ownership for customers while continuing to provide class leading accuracy and ergonomics.  

In 2006, Welch Allyn introduced SureBP™ technology to its electronic vital sign portfolio, enabling fast, accurate 15-second blood pressure readings by measuring on inflation rather than the traditional method of measuring during deflation—shortening the procedure and improving patient comfort.

In 2008, Welch Allyn unveiled FlexiPort® blood pressure cuffs—the first cuffs with a single-point connection designed to work with devices in any patient care setting. FlexiPort cuffs connect to virtually any manual or electronic blood pressure device, so patients can be freely moved from room to room, floor to floor and department to department without forcing clinicians to find new cuffs for each different device.  

According to Karla, Welch Allyn intends to continue its tradition as a leader in high-quality, reliable blood pressure devices to ensure clinicians in frontline settings around the world capture accurate patient information while assessing blood pressure—one of the most common procedures they perform.

“We have built a strong reputation in the industry by consistently providing high-quality, cost-effective blood pressure management solutions to our customers,” added Karla.  “Moving forward we will continue to focus on developing new technologies that address problems facing healthcare facilities around the world such as cross-contamination, cost and environmental impact.  From clinicians to biomeds, purchasing to infection control, Welch Allyn blood pressure management technology offers benefits to providers in any environment in any setting.”

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