The Zetasizer Virtual User Meeting will offer participants a chance to hear from others in the Zetasizer community, as well as your favorite Malvern Panalytical scientists, as they discuss the Zetasizer and the valuable data it provides. The content will focus on tips and tricks for improving both your size and zeta potential measurements, available resources for supporting your research, and a review of recent publications highlighting the Zetasizer. You will also get an opportunity to hear about current users’ experience with their Zetasizer systems in their respective fields.

Who should attend?
New or experienced users of the Zetasizer Nano and Advance Series, users of other vendors, and those interested in purchasing a Zetasizer but want to learn a bit more about the capabilities and applications.

What will you learn?
Further develop your software, data interpretation, and method development skills as we walk through practical examples with simple tips to improve your Zetasizer results. Learn about all the available resources for optimizing use of your system. Learn about interesting applications and publications of the Zetasizer.


October 06 2020 - October 06 2020
13:00 - 16:00
Eastern Time [US & Canada]
On line Virtual
Event type:
Webinar - Live
Zetasizer range


Malvern Panalytical experts:   

Anastasia Morfesis, Ph.D., Technical/Scientific Advisor Light Scattering and GPC Technologies

Carrie Schindler, Ph.D., Applications Specialist

Ragy Ragheb, Ph.D., Technical Specialist and Application Scientist

Ulf Nobbmann, Ph.D., Product Manager, Nanometrics

Guest Speakers:

Robert Reed, Ph.D., Sales and Application Specialist, Postnova

Gary Scheiffele, Ph.D., Director, (PAIC) University of Florida

Jeff Farmer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Alberta