Alpha Resources LLC, the leading aftermarket supplier of consumables and reference materials, has produced their first Inconel Certified Reference Material, AR 943.

Specifications for the new high-carbon Inconel CRM are:

MEAN = 0.032
MEAN = 0.0016
MEAN = 0.0125
MEAN = 0.0189
Standard Deviation = ± 0.001
Standard Deviation = ± 0.0002
Standard Deviation = ± 0.0007
Standard Deviation = ± 0.0012
Expanded Uncertainty = ± 0.003
Expanded Uncertainty = ± 0.0004
Expanded Uncertainty = ± 0.0016
Expanded Uncertainty = ± 0.0026
(k=2, @ 95% confidence) (n=54)
(k=2, @ 95% confidence) (n=54)
(k=2, @ 95% confidence) (n=35)
(k=2, @ 95% confidence) (n=41)

Inconel alloys, based on nickel and chromium, are considered “super alloys” due to their exceptional high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Typically, Inconel alloys are trusted for their mechanical strength in aerospace applications, valued for their corrosion resistance in oil and gas extraction as well as pollution control and waste processing applications; and used by the automotive and marine industries.

“Alpha Resources is focused on creating an inclusive line of reference materials that help our customers meet all their elemental microanalysis needs. Our in-house laboratory team is committed to finding the best reference materials and building a robust certification process that can be trusted within our customers’ quality processes,” states Ken Mantei, Director of Operations. “The new Inconel powder CRM will be a useful resource to customers in key manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas extraction. Alpha Resources is proud to be able to supply this vital industry sector with CRMs.”

Additional information about AR943 and all Alpha CRMs may be found on the website,