Malvern Panalytical is pleased to offer a two-day virtual workshop for the mining industry. This event brings together experts from the industry as well as our own experts as suppliers of the newest technologies to create value for mining and metal production. 

Download the OMA leaflet here.

Together with guest speakers we share knowledge for exploration to process optimization and environmental monitoring by improving the analysis of raw materials and process streams.

News and advances in X-ray fluorescence, X-Ray diffraction, on-line monitoring (CNA), particle size and morphology analysis, near infrared (NIR) characterization and sample preparation will be presented.

The two hour session each day will have the following focus:
Day 1  - In the Field and Mine: Advanced solutions for exploration and Grade Monitoring
Day 2 - In Process and Laboratory: Adding efficiency and automation to Ore processing and quality control

Are you working for a mining company or technical association? Are you a researcher, professor or professional seeking knowledge to increase recovery rates and efficiency? Then this event is designed for you. Especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, we will focus on solutions that protect people in the laboratories and allow continuous operation with a minimal number of operators.

There is no fee for this event – register today and attend one or both days.


November 24 2020 - November 25 2020
10:00 - 12:00
Western European Time [West Europe]
Event type:
Webinar - Live


November 24

  • Welcome Value of analytical monitoring in mining  
  • Keynote: Latest trends
  • Taking your analysis to the field with portable NIR and remote sensing
  • Data modelling for better mine site mapping and planning. Digitising your mine   
  • Q&A   
  • Growing demand for ore and competitive prices: Improve your grade control and optimise every dollar with online elemental, particle size, mineralogical analysis
  • Keynote
  • Application and service support
  • Q&A, Close  

November 25

  • Optimising your energy consumption and efficiency during processing: why you should monitor particle size during grinding, transport, spray drying and more
  • Precision mining for better grade control & process savings: why companies should pay more attention to ore mineralogy using X-ray diffraction
  • Mineralogical monitoring applications: Case studies on how companies are using XRD
  • Keeping up with increased demand and working in Covid-19 safe distancing measures: why you should re-think robo-lab automation and online analysis for liquor monitoring
  • Q&A   
  • Advances in elemental analysis using XRF: increased throughput with combined ED and WDXRF technologies, cluster analysis, small spot analysis
  • How optimizing your sample preparation leads to better control of your process
  • Q&A, Close


Dr König, global mining, minerals and metals sector manager at Malvern Panalytical