New Evaporative Light Scattering Detector for HPLC Provides Highest ELSD Sensitivity

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the ELSD-LT III evaporative light scattering detector. This next-generation ELSD uses a high-power semiconductor laser as the light source, which enables sensitivity approximately 10 times higher than that of conventional products – the highest level of sensitivity for an ELSD.

The ELSD-LT III achieves a wide dynamic range of 5 orders of magnitude, providing simultaneous determination of high-concentration and trace components without gain switching. This eliminates the need for dilution and preparation of samples, cumbersome sensitivity settings, and the waste of samples due to failure to set sensitivity when considering methods.

Capable of highly sensitive detection of non-chromophoric components, the ELSD-LT III meets a wide range of needs such as impurity analysis and comprehensive detection. In addition, it can detect semi-volatile compounds and heat-labile compounds with high sensitivity. The ELSD-LT III can also be used as a detector for preparative LC.

The detector’s “temperature ready” function ensures the reliability of the data because it executes analysis after confirming that the temperature of the drift tube has reached the set temperature. This function detects a decrease in gas pressure and stops the system with an error.

The compact design reduces instrument height by 30% compared to conventional products, so it can be installed on the column oven, saving installation space.

For more details, visit the ELSD-LT III information page.