New! Cole-Parmer® StableTemp® Modular Block Heaters

Vernon Hills, Ill., September 29, 2011— Cole-Parmer StableTemp Modular Block Heaters offer laboratory professionals the flexibility to heat different sizes of microtubes, centrifuge tubes, vials, microplates, and PCR strips or tubes. They are designed to handle the incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points, and a variety of other laboratory procedures.

Each digital or analog heater accepts the more than 40 interchangeable heating blocks which accommodate sample enclosures. Digital Dry Block Heaters offer exceptional temperature uniformity and feature a proportional integrative derivative (PID) controller. PID control allows users to select a specific temperature, enables rapid sample heat-up, and provides excellent stability to maintain results. Analog Dry Block Heaters are economical, high-wattage, constant temperature heaters ideal for many general chemistry applications. Adjust temperatures on the analog model by rotating the two temperature adjustment knobs with ten dial markings.