Buehler’s commitment to sustainability not only includes clean energy and environmental responsibility but also improving products to minimize impact on the environment, reduce waste and minimize health hazards for users. The company has named this initiative “Better for You, Better for the Environment”. Buehler is launching this program during Earth month, as it focuses on offering products and solutions that minimize impact to the environment, reduce waste, save on utilities, and minimize health hazards for users.

Sarah Beranek, Buehler's Commercial Director notes, "Buehler is launching the 'Better for You, Better for the Environment' program during Earth month, to let manufacturers know that Buehler is offering metallographic products and solutions that minimize impact to the environment and provide their quality control lab technicians with safer products. We are also proud as a company to take on clean energy, recycling and resource conservation."

Buehler has an assortment of new metallurgical supplies and accessories that are aimed at reducing waste, extending lifetime, maximizing usage before disposal/recycling, and are safer for quality control or inspection lab technicians. Buehler's AbrasiMet series of cutters, popular in the automotive and other metal industries reduce water consumption with an improved circulation tank and they minimize energy consumption with super efficient motors.

Many Buehler metallographic consumables last longer and save on repeat purchases. The company's OmniMet Imaging and DiaMet Hardness Testing software programs allow for electronic data storage and save on printing. Buehler also continues its commitment by improving and reformulating products to minimize health and safety risks. An overall concern for the safety of employees and customers fosters a proactive safety culture throughout the Buehler organization.

This April, Buehler will launch its “Better for You, Better for the Environment video series that will be featured in upcoming LinkedIn and social media posts on April 15, 22, and 29. Follow Buehler on LinkedIN for the latest information: http://www.linkedin.com/company/buehler