Thin film research and their applications in industry are a key technological field. Much fundamental research is undertaken, and structural data is often generated with X-rays. Most contributions in the field of thin films relate to certain measurements and their evaluation. In this episode of our series “Ask an Expert!” we will discuss the crucial step before measurement: alignment. Often forgotten and left to inherited procedures, this step has a crucial impact on our results. For applications such as GIXRD, XRR and HRXRD we will discuss alignment strategies emphasizing speed or accuracy. We will show some examples and also pitfalls you should avoid. The presentation is limited to 20 minutes, the main part of this session is reserved for you, your questions and our answers.

Don’t forget to submit your questions by emailing or using the #MPexpert hashtag on Twitter. Questions and data can be submitted up to 10 days upfront.

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This webinar is part of our ‘Ask an expert’ webinar series. These live webinars are meant for students, researchers, and professors alike who want to sharpen their analytical methods, deepen their knowledge, or find out how to improve their data. We’ll provide extensive materials analysis information and answer your most frequently asked questions. In other words, it’s the ultimate way to improve your materials science research and engineering knowledge.

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Measurement type:
Thin film metrology
November 16 2021 - November 16 2021
10:30 - 11:30
Eastern Time [US & Canada]
Event type:
Webinar - Live
Aeris range
X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

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Who should attend?

  • Students, researchers or professors, conducting thin film research using X-rays. Anyone interested in X-ray diffraction measurement techniques.

What will you learn?

  • Become an alignment pro, a critical step to get right before you measure with your x-ray diffractometer.
  • Know the pitfalls to avoid by seeing examples from our resident expert.