2011/ 2012 Netzsch North America Training Academy On Tour - 38 seminars all over the USA and Canada

Bringing the famed NETZSCH Expertise & Know-How of Thermal Analysis and Thermophysical Properties direct to you! Featuring technical seminars and user meetings tailored to meet your personal needs.

We encourage you to take advantage of the different formats we have created, including: introductory seminars, advanced 2-day seminars on products and applications, in-depth industry-specific seminars, and extensive end-user meetings for better charaterization of advanced materials.

You are welcome to choose from:

  • Introduction to Thermal Analysis & Thermophysical Properties for Material Characterization
  • Rheology & Thermal Analysis; Material Characterization for Polymers, Petrochemicals, and Pharmaceuticals
  • In-Depth Seminar: Recent Developments in Thermal Analysis & Thermophysical Properties - Technologies & Applications
  • Simultaneous TGA-DSC & Evolved Gas Analysis Instruments User Meeting
  • Industry Seminars focusing on Aerospace, Automotive, Nuclear & Ceramic Materials, or Ceramics & Glass
  • NETZSCH "A la Carte": LFA, DSC/STA, DIL User Meeting & Introductory Instrumental Workshop