Renewal of Micronics ACT labels leads to a significant point reduction

Micronic continues its participation in the ACT program, developed by the non-profit organization My Green Lab. The ACT label is the first environmental impact factor label for laboratory products and stands for Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency. It is designed to provide critical information on the environmental impact of laboratory products. Micronic’s involvement demonstrates a commitment to their customers and to the planet. This leadership will enable their customers to make smarter and more sustainable choices.

Recently the Micronic 1.40ml internally threaded tube and 4.00ml externally threaded tube have been recertified with the My Green Lab ACT label. Both tube types now have an Environmental Impact Factor (EIF) of 32.8, which is a 12.8-point reduction compared to the last label for the 1.40ml internally threaded tube and a 12.6-point reduction for the 4.00ml externally threaded tube. In the paragraph below the main sustainable initiatives are listed that have been implemented at Micronic to receive a lower score on the renewed ACT labels.

The score for the first category on the label, Manufacturing Impact Reduction, has been reduced significantly from 3.0 to 1.0. since Micronic has taken steps to reduce its use of water, energy, and waste at the manufacturing facility. For instance, they have installed LED lighting, implemented a closed-loop water system and managed to reduce sprue waste. Furthermore, the shipping impact has been decreased because of the possibility to have EU/UK labels now next to US labels. The main manufacturing facility of Micronic is located in the Netherlands. Lastly, our product packaging became more sustainable. The outer box is now also made of FSC certified cardboard.

Overall, the EIF score has been reduced to a total of 32.8 compared to 45.6 on the former ACT labels. For this Micronic is incredibly proud and it motivates them to even further improve the score for the future. Micronic always looks at ways to be more sustainable and to identify opportunities to reduce the impact on the environment of its products. The renewed ACT-labels are valid until May 2023.

The renewed ACT labels can be found on Micronic’s website as well as on the ACT website. More information on the ACT label program can be found at