AirClean Systems’ ductless fume hood lineup has been further expanded to provide lab designers with a generous range of options without the need for costly customization. Based on AirClean Systems’ proven 30” depth design, the new 36” depth is available in AirClean Systems 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-foot wide folding-sash ductless fume hood models.

These 30” and 36” deep polypropylene ductless fume hoods utilize a unique gas phase bonded carbon filter. This filter, found only in AirClean Systems safety products, eliminates filter dusting and dead zones associated with traditional granular carbon filters. Each unit features a microprocessor-based automatic safety controller, keeping constant check on airflow and filter quality, and alerting the operator in the event of filter saturation.

AirClean Systems’ ductless fume hoods feature many of the features found on traditional total exhaust hoods, namely dual-wall construction for plumbing and mounting fixtures, and vertical sliding safety glass sash. However, the seamless polypropylene construction is chemically resistant and will not rust.

All hoods are designed to house up to 7 inches of filtration. By stacking a HEPA filter, followed by a bonded carbon filter, the operator can effectively remove both toxic particulate and chemical fumes. For high evaporation or multiple chemical applications, a full 7 inch stack of carbon filtration may be recommended.

AirClean Systems ductless fume hoods meet and exceed relevant OSHA and ANSI Z9.5 standards.