CRAIC Technologies Microspectrometers Now Feature Windows 11

CRAIC Technologies, the leading innovator of UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy solutions for science and industry, announced that CRAIC Technologies microspectrometers will now feature Windows 11 operating systems in which CRAIC Lambdafire™ instrument control and spectral analysis software will run. Scientists and engineers using Lambdafire™ running on Windows 11 will immediately notice a redesigned desktop for a more unified user experience. Windows 11 will further improve the microspectrometers usability with improved memory management and enhanced graphics support. Finally, as Windows 11 is at the beginning of its life cycle, Microsoft will be supporting it with security and features updates for many years. This is critical as Windows 7 support has already been discontinued and Windows 10 servicing will be discontinued by June 2023 according to Microsoft.

"Windows 11 is a great enhancement for CRAIC Technologies newest customers" states Dr. Paul Martin, President of CRAIC Technologies. "With Microsoft soon to discontinue support of its earlier operating systems, CRAIC has decided to be an early adopter of this new operating system for its instruments.  Thus new CRAIC customers will enjoy the latest feature and security upgrades of the OS for years to come. Additionally, all CRAIC microspectrophotometer customers using our Lambdafire™ instrument software with Windows 11 will find this new version of Windows a much more rewarding experience. With improved speed, graphics and features, CRAIC customers will experience the benefits of this new operating system immediately."

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