Prior Scientific introduces CS200 joysticks and touchscreen to control Prior stages and focus drives, and motorized accessories

Prior Scientific, a manufacturer of microscopy solutions and precision optical and electromechanical equipment, today announced the launch of the CS200 line of joysticks. These joysticks offer a simple, ergonomic, and cost-effective way to manually control your Prior XY stage and Z drive and replace the current PS3J100 joystick.  Prior Scientific release the new CS200 series of joysticks and TS200 touchscreen display to control their ProScan and OptiScan The compact easy to use CS200XY controls the stages’ x and y axis and the CS200Z allows the precise control of a focus drive or Z-axis drive via an ergonomic wheel.  Speed buttons on the side of each joystick allow the user to adjust the proportionality of each device.  The TS200 touchscreen display is a Windows® based tablet PC with software what allows for full control of all the Prior devices, including the stage and Z, motorized nosepiece, motorized filter turret, filter wheels, shutters, and illumination.

"We are pleased to introduce these new joysticks and touchscreen which have a modern look and feel. Our customers also asked for a more cost-effective device and we have delivered with the CS200" said Thomas Freda, CEO at Prior Scientific. “The optional TS200 touchscreen adds control capabilities that far exceed what the previous PS3J100 could do”. Together these new devices allow users to choose what they want and need for their unique applications.”