Carl Zeiss Microscopy, a leading provider of microscopy solutions for a variety of research, clinical and industrial applications, advances VivaTome Imaging system enables optical sectioning for live cell microscopy applications. The development of the VivaTome is the result of a collaboration between Carl Zeiss and Aurox Ltd. (Oxford, UK) based on the aperture correlation principle invented by Tony Wilson and collaborators at the University of Oxford.

The VivaTome is an optimal tool for the observation of dynamics of living specimens. Integrated within the AxioVision software platform it is an attractively-priced solution that offers outstanding ease of use. Designed for applications where temporal resolution is a priority, the VivaTome easily acquire images at video frame rate or higher. Eliminating the blurry background of fluorescence images using a structured spinning disc, the system provides clear, easy-to-interpret and quantifiable results for biological specimens.

With a low level of technical complexity, the VivaTome delivers high-quality microscope images that were previously only possible with highly advanced systems. It can be retrofitted to both an existing Zeiss systems as well as added to any Zeiss microscope via a C-mount adapter. With the VivaTome, the entire spectrum of ZEISS objective lenses can be used with a consistently high optical section quality.