Biotage®, a leading manufacturer of tools and technology for medicinal, organic, and analytical chemistry, introduced the new Isolera Prime™ flash purification system. Isolera Prime represents a new standard in value-priced flash purification systems, delivering the broadest range of features and cost-saving benefits of any entry flash purification system on the market. The flexible system is upgradeable and can expand with the needs of developing companies and academic institutions where value is a high priority. Isolera Prime is compatible with flash cartridges from all manufacturers including Biotage® SNAP and the new, value-priced Biotage ZIP™ cartridges.

Isolera Prime is the newest addition to the market leading Isolera automated flash system family, delivering high value and just the right features. The Isolera Prime is specifically designed for chemists needing an automated purification platform to increase productivity.

The Isolera Prime delivers more than just the basics. Also included are a patented TLC-to-Gradient feature that eliminates method development guesswork and a solvent-saving gradient optimization function that reduces solvent use by up to 60%. Cost savings are further realized with use of the new value-priced, Biotage ZIP cartridges available in a wide range of sizes.

“In this challenging economic climate, we recognize the importance of delivering value-priced instruments while continuing to raise the bar of technical performance.” says Toshiyuki Yachi, Vice President of Marketing. “The Isolera Prime, with its cost saving features as well as the introduction of the Biotage ZIP line of value-priced flash cartridges, demonstrates our understanding of the changing needs of our customers and our commitment to their success.”

Isolera Prime performs at flow rates up to 100 mL/min with a pressure range up to 145 psi (10 bars). The built-in detector (fixed 254 nm or variable wavelengths 200–400 nm) provides excellent detection for aromatic and conjugated organic compounds and can trigger fractionation using threshold, slope, or volume parameters. For UV-transparent compounds, an ELSD is available and easily integrated.

The Isolera Prime can be upgraded and customized to any laboratory’s requirements with the addition of a range of accessories, including external dry-loading vessels, leak detector, fraction racks and cartridge holders. Biotage also offers the widest range of flash cartridges for higher performance and scalability including the new value priced Biotage ZIP, industry-standard SNAP, FLASH+ and ISOLUTE® products available in sizes from 5–750 g.