Maintenance and Repair Options for Your Lab Equipment

To help maintain the durability and a consistent performance of your lab equipment timely maintenance and repair is required. Wear and tear from frequent use can cause operational inconsistency; malfunctioning equipment is hazardous and can produce inaccurate results.

The most prevalent mission-critical equipment includes high performance liquid  chromatography, gas chromatography, ion chromatography, centrifuges, plate readers and robotic liquid-handling systems. A typical research organization works with over 100 different laboratory equipment providers and has key contracts in place for this equipment as scientist often favor original equipment manufacturer contracts and the long standing personal relationships that our often formed.

Consider this, managing multiple contracts can get expensive and it squeezes OEM margins rather than focusing on efficiency improvements leaving minimal chances to reduce cost down the road.

View the archived webinar from Lab Manager Magazine that talks about new lab equipment maintenance and repair models available to labs that focus on efficient improvements that can deliver both cost savings and enhanced service quality. Click here to view the webinar.