GE Healthcare expands Biacore™ histidine capture portfolio with launch of His Capture Kit and NTA Reagent Kit

GE Healthcare has launched the His Capture Kit and NTA Reagent Kit for time saving and convenient capture of histidine-tagged ligands using Biacore systems.The new His Capture Kit comprises of an optimized protocol and the required reagents for capture by an anti-histidine antibody. Requiring minimum assay development, the kit works in conjunction with a carboxyl-derivatized sensor chip (CM5, CM4, CM3 or CM1), Amine Coupling Kit and running buffers.

The new NTA Reagent Kit is specifically designed for use in conjunction with the Sensor Chip NTA, which mediates capture of histidine-tagged proteins on nickel-chelated nitrilotriacetic (NTA) groups. The kit provides ready-to-use nickel ion and regeneration solutions for approximately 1200 injections.

Histidine tags are widely used in the purification of recombinant proteins since they are small and rarely interfere with the function, activity, or structure of the target proteins. In addition, his capture requires little or no sample preparation and enables capture under physiological conditions and from crude media solutions.