Chemists are finding the optimal centrifuge tubes they need at Kimble Chase, the largest manufacturer of laboratory glassware products in the world. Inert, reusable and recyclable, glass centrifuge tubes are best suited for use in laboratory samples that contain solvents or aggressive chemicals. Kimble Chase makes many of the sizes, configurations and application-specific designs used today, with capabilities to design and fabricate custom tubes to exact requirements as well.

Kimble Chase disposable centrifuge tubes are made from borosilicate glass in compliance with ASTM Specification E438, Type I, Class A or B, and capable of withstanding a relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 2,980. Available with threaded closures or snap caps, Kimble Chase disposable centrifuge tubes have capacities ranging from 5 mL to 50 mL, and are supplied shrink-wrapped in modular trays.

Reusable centrifuge tubes are manufactured using KIMAX® borosilicate glass to support many test methods, including those used to determine the solubility of dried milk solids, sedimentation in petroleum and standardization of bacterial vaccines. Researchers may order centrifuge tube with capacities ranging from 2 mL to 200 mL. When used with rubber adaptor sleeves, Kimble Chase high-strength tubes are capable of being centrifuged up to a 13,100 RCF. Centrifuge tube neck finishes are available in beaded, plain, threaded and pour spout designs. Bottom designs include short-tapered, long-tapered, stem-shaped and round. Graduated markings in white, black or red facilitate sample measurement, and marking spots are available to aid sample identification. Available with or without closures, Kimble Chase Centrifuge Tubes are autoclavable.