Keeping a Clean Lab - Do I Have to do the Dishes?

Maintaining a clean lab environment, including all glassware is imperative to achieve optimal results or preserve certain chemical solutions. With lab glassware coming in all shapes and sizes, including beakers, burettes, graduated cylinders, and volumetric flasks to name a few, there is a lot to consider when choosing your glassware cleaning options.

Almost all modern laboratories today are equipped with lab washers. These dramatically reduce the work load associated with cleaning each item individually. There are a large number of options to consider when choosing to buy a lab washer. Things to look for are; capacity, location (central or point-of-use), type of contaminant removed, circulation rate, water temperature, detergent type, and basket design.

With an increasing amount of manufacturers in the lab washer industry, it is important to do your research on what product would work best for your lab. If you haven’t already, register and become a member of LabWrench so you can discuss any questions you have about lab washers with other users.  And take a look at the LabX website for a listing of new and used equipment for sale.


Zoe Gillan

Product Research Coordinator

LabX Media Group