Rat Specific ELISA Kits for Neuroscience Applications


AMSBIO has expanded its range of rat specific ELISA kits that enable precise analysis of key neurodegenerative-related biomarkers while minimizing the use of precious samples.

Visitors to the recent Neuroscience 2011 meeting in Washington DC responded enthusiastically to AMSBIO's range of over 2300 rat specific ELISA kits tailored for the sensitive and specific quantification of your cytokine, growth factor, or chemokine of interest. Particular interest was shown in new rat specific analyte ELISA kits for various Neurotrophins, TGFb1 and rat leptin as well as a series of ganglioside ELISAs.

At this important meeting AMSBIO also showcased new products for innovative co-culturing of different neuronal cells together with a range of ELISA kits for Alzheimer's research enabling sensitive and specific detection of molecules including Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) and Sialytransferase.  Also on display were ELISA kits for well known neuroscience biomarkers including human IL-6, mouse BDNF, human TNFa, human IGF-1, human Fibronectin, human IL-10, human G-CSF,  human VEGF,  human MMP-9,  human IL-1b,  human MMP-2,  human NGF,  human MCP-1,   human EGF,  human IL-4,  human GH and  human M-CSF.