EZ-Strap Platform For Helix 250 Makes Shaking Odd Shaped Vessels Innovatively Easy!
LabStrong recently released the easy-to-use Helix™ Orbital Shakers, 
which feature dependable operation, versatility, and a wide range of 
truly innovative accessories such as the magnetic EZ-Clamp™. In 
response to the demand for a platform that will accept a variety of 
sizes and shapes of vessels, LabStrong has designed and developed a 
new accessory that attaches to the Helix 250 Shaker. Unlike any other 
shaker accessory available on the market today, the revolutionary 
LabStrong EZ-Strap Platform Assembly is designed for applications 
that are not well served by traditional clamping systems or methods. 
No longer do researchers have to struggle to find a way to attach odd 
shaped vessels to a shaker. They can now use the EZ-Strap Platform.

Test tubes, conical tubes, and even small beakers and flasks can be 
used with the EZ-Strap Platform Assembly. The EZ-Strap Platform 
Assembly can quickly and easily be attached to the Helix 250 Shaker. 
The platform features multiple anchor points allowing for multiple 
configurations of almost any size or shape of vessels. Flexible 
EZ-Straps can be easily secured to the anchors allowing for quick set 
up and reconfiguration. Four EZ-Straps, one EZ-Strap Platform, and 
one non-slip mat are included in this assembly. All LabStrong Helix 
products and accessories are proudly designed and manufactured in the 
United States.